National Society of Black Engineers

UK NSBE Point System

The NSBE point system is used to reward students for participating in a large variety of activities across our chapter. The point system will be used to keep track of members who are active in our chapter. In order to attend conferences members will need to achieve a minimum of 12 points based on this point system. Find the points tracker here


General Points (2 Points)

Attend General Body Meetings

Attend UK Career Fair**

Bring a friend to a NSBE general body meeting**

Attend NSBE Study Session

non-NSBE sponsored volunteering**

Receive an A on an exam**

Work on own personal project**


3 Points

Attend Diversity Carrer fair

Attend NSBE-sponsored Mock Interviews**

Attend NSBE company information sessions**

Fundraising Events


NSBE company field trips

NSBE Sponsored Resume workshop(s)

Achieve semester GPA of 2.5-2.99


5 Points

Join and be an active member in a NSBE committee

Take end of semester survey

Participate in NSBE group project(s)

Achieve semester GPA of 3.0-3.599

Create your own professional portfolio book or website**


8 Points

Deans List

CATHACKS Hack-A-Thon (Per Day)


10 Points

Achieve a semester GPA of 4.0

Take a certification exam such as: Fundamentals of Engineering exam