National Society of Black Engineers

How to Join?


Step 1: Sign into  bbnvolved

Step 2: Look up 'National Society of Black Engineers' and request to join


If you would like to go to National Conferences:

Step 1: Go to!

Step 2: In the top right corner click on “JOIN NSBE”

Step 3: Fill out personal information

Step 4: Fill out billing information

Step 5: Click “Submit Membership”

Step 6: Hooray! You are a national NSBE member!

Step 7: PAY YOUR UK CHAPTER DUES ($5.00) and collect your free t-shirt





Join our ListServ by going into outlook. Click on 'Groups' then 'Discover Groups'. Search 'NSBE' and join NSBE at UKY

That's it! You will get all of our emails!