National Society of Black Engineers


What majors do we take?

  • All engineering majors: Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Computer, etc.
  • All non-engineering majors: Business/Marketing/Law/Art/Food Science/Agriculture/Bio/Med/etc.

Please do not let the “E” in NSBE discourage you from becoming a member. Engineering plays a huge role in society, but without these other occupations, engineers have little purpose. We highly value all disciplines and believe that your involvement in NSBE adds more diversity and perspective to our organization.

Is NSBE just for African-American students?

NSBE IS FOR EVERYONE! Please do not let the “B” in NSBE scare you away from the opportunity of a lifetime! We want EVERYONE to have the experience of building connections and networking through conferences, obtaining internships with companies of great magnitude, or obtaining scholarships for need and merit. We would love to have you! We value variety and diversity in our chapter and are not limited to just African-American students.